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What type of package do I need?

What type of package do I need? What resistance require? What advantages gives me a package for my product?


The weight and flexibility are two very important variables to select the strength of the packaging for your product and it must bear the appropriate number of pounds per inch.

The Compressive Strength, which is calculated under special tools are expressed in pounds. For example, if a box resists 150 pounds, this means that each square inch of the housing supports the weight. Gross Weight Limit (weight supported by the thickness): Measures the amount of pounds that a ,box is able to resist from within.

Edge Crush Test (weight bearing on the edges of the box): Measures the amount of external pressure that can withstand the box in its support points when the box is fully armed.

Minimun Bursting Test (minimum test explosion), "Mullen Test" measures the amount of pressure per square inch that can withstand a box before bursting.

When the article pack is heavy and this suepera burst test is recommended to use double corrugated carton with wave C (3.6 mm high) and Onda B (2.5 mm high). If the material is lightweight one simple corrugated cardboard is sufficient. For strength corrugated triple consists of 5 papers and 2 waves is recommended.

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