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Accessories for the area of shipments
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Accessories and Warehouse Shipment area.

Accessories for the area of shipments are basic in the preparation of a product to be sent to their final destination. Steel strip, pallets, wrapping paper, staples, labels and others are extremely amounts and should never miss in that moment as key to your business.

Articles of daily use as vins, cover, table notes, labels, signs, colored ribbon, refuse containers, desks or chairs complement an efficient strategy of feeding raw materials to the production area . The security personnel shipments is an obligation that not only protects them but you too, that's why Boxsa helps you remember your stock accessories such as safety vests, helmets, safety shoes, face masks and other products for your warehouse staff

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Stretch film
Protection against liquids and materials that could damage your product during transport or storage.
Pallets and Containers
In wood or plastic according to your needs.
Packing Strip
The strength to hold your position during transport to their final destination.
Destination identification for your product as well as its part number , barcode and other identification requirements for your client..
Security accesories
Shoes with metal tip, reflective vests , helmets , belts , gloves for the safety of your staff.
Porta roll band, strip tool, strip steel clamps and plastic strapping staples. strip cutters, tape-tape holder, Pallet Jack.


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