What type of package do I need? What resistance do i require? What advantages gives me a package for my product?
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Specialists in warehouse items for industry.
Chihuahua, Mexico

Pack your Product.
Solutions in corrugated cardboard
and warehouse
products to meet
your needs.


                     Specialists in warehouse items for Chihuahua industry.


We develop any Corrugated box for Industry.
Packaging with the necessary strength to protect your product.
Your product is protected from the outside besides that facilitates handling.
Formality, aesthetics, safety, protective packaging helps enhance the image of your product.
Space saving
About your carton you can include advertising your product.
The cardboard packaging is fully biodegradable material.
Management Products
The management of your products is easy to be stacked more easily and protecting them from shock.
A cardboard packaging helps protect your product from the temperature, humidity of your stock as well as from the weather.
Corrugated Cardboard Warehouse and Shipping Warehouse Yard
Boxes, partitions, pads to fit. Material for shipment Accessories for Yard
¿Que es desarrollo en empaque? ¿Cuales son sus beneficios? ¿Necesito un desarrollo personalizado?
  We help you choose and design the packaging
for your product.
    Have equipment design and research to find the best packaging for your product.  

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